Season: Late October

Late October may not be the most desireable time to hit the waters off of Nassau/paradise island but, Chubasco Charters put us where the fish were.

The waters off of Nassau hold a large variety of fish but they are seasonal to the area by nature and late October is considered a slow time


A MASTER SPAS Dealer meeting took me to Paradise Island in the Bahamas in late October and I couldn’t resist booking a half-day charter , off-season or not.  One really shouldn’t visit the Caribbean without getting a line wet at least once. 

We set out early on a beautiful morning aboard THE CHUBASCO, a 34’ tiara. It didn’t take long to get to the fishing grounds and soon our lines were in the water. The captain and mate were both friendly and knowledgeable.

Soon we had our first hit of the day. A large, hard fighting barracuda started the action. 

The next bite was a fast running wahoo that just didn’t want to come to the boat and would strip out line at a breakneck pace whenever it got close to the boat.

Soon my wife had a nice one on. She did a great job fighting the fish and with some expert coaching from our crew. The wahoo was on board.

I managed to lose another and we boated a few more barracuda in the process. At one point, a wahoo struck a bait while I was holding the rod and I got a firsthand feel with the speed of their strike.

Unfortunately my freshwater fishing instincts got the best of me and I jerked the rod as if to set the hook which tore the bait right from its mouth.

The action slowed just before we headed back to the marina. Not to bad for the “slow season”.

A gorgeous day made even better by the friendly and knowledgeable crew putting us into the fish. Our fish was taken to a local restaurant where it was

prepared three different ways and served with a delightfully fresh salad.  Wahoo is a delicious fish and our delightful meal was a perfect way to end another beautiful day fishing the Caribbean Sea.